who is ambedo

be more cultured

launched in 2020* by steph dicamillo

after years of refusing to drink sugary sodas and hating citric acid packed tonic water, but loving fizzy drinks.

without a way to import her beloved La Croix from the USA, she fell deep down the rabbit hole of fermentation.

while consistenly stinking up their house with kimchi, she discovered water kefir- naturally fermented, deliciously tart, & BUBBLY. 

it seemed too good to be true.

after making her husband drink sample after sample, mostly at 8 in the morning, he convinced her this sh*t was delicious, and she should make it a real-life product.  using the drinks knowledge she acquired working with a spirits producer start-up (which was later bought out by the biggest alcohol producer in the world!) she has set out to do just that. 

*yes, during Covid-19 lockdown.